All the professionals who work for Maurits Consultancy have their own specialist areas of expertise or professional focus. Our services include tax advice, tax return preparation and filing, estate planning and expat services.



We can help our clients with a multitude of tax-related issues. As we are an independent tax consultancy firm we are frequently asked to provide a second opinion. Our substantial network of specialists means that we can also advise our clients appropriately even where we ourselves do not have certain specialist knowledge. In that case the work is carried out under our direction, so that you only have to deal with one party.
Our services
What can you expect of Maurits Consultancy?
  • Expert handling of your tax affairs
  • A cost-efficient solution for all your tax needs
  • Close cooperation with other disciplines
  • Flexibility and a practical orientation in handling your tax affairs
  • Constant monitoring of your affairs, taking account of all the internal and external rules and regulations
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of tax issues
  • Expert help and advice on matters relating to living and investing abroad
  • In-depth knowledge of the tax aspects of charities, foundations and associations
  • Expert help and advice on the transfer of your assets or business.
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