Estate Planning

Estate planning involves minimising the tax exposure when assets pass to the taxpayer's partner and/or the next generation. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best advice on the tax and civil law aspects. Maurits Consultancy is independent and Always puts your interests first. 



Inter vivos transfer of assets
We advise high net-worth individuals and entrepreneurs at both national and international level.
Below are some of the matters on which we can advice you:
  • Arranging business succession "inter vivos" (i.e. during your lifetime) or structuring your business to ensure succession can take place smoothly in due course
  • Transfer of assets during your lifetime, for example in the form of gifts
  • Matrimonial property law, for example measures to optimise your matrimonial property arrangements or the provision of tax assistance in handling a divorce
  • Inheritance law, for example the preparation of a will, in consultation with your civil law notary, to minimise tax exposure;
  • Handling the tax aspects of an inheritance
  • International situations, for example the tax implications of a second home abroad or emigration/immigration
  • Arranging and advising on the establishment of organizations for the public good (ANBI)

 Our procedure

Estate planning plays a role both during your life and after your death. Naturally, the legal and tax aspects are important in relation to estate planning, but the emotional aspect always takes precedence. Our clients's wishes form the basis for advice we provide. To gauge your wishes accurately, we first meet you to discuss your position in detail. Afterwards we prepare our tax recommendations. If you wish, these can be discussed with you at a meeting.

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