Expat Service

Most foreign expats have no knowledge of either the Netherlands or Dutch law and therefore deserve extra personal attention. This requires specialist knowledge and often takes a disproportionately long time. It is therefore much more efficient to outsource this work. Maurits Consultancy is the ideal place for you to obtain advice: whether you are an internationally operating employer or an expat staff member, we can relieve you of these concerns. We ensure that all the formalities and other issues are handled in a pleasant and efficient way.



Our procedure
Companies and their expats find that we provide a quality service and personal attention at a highly competitive price. We think and work practically, pragmatically and in a solution-oriented manner. Such a generalist approach is of great value, particularly in relation to cross-border activities. We do not concentrate on a single tax aspect of the posting, but instead assess all the tax, social insurance, legal and practical aspects. We assist our clients throughout the entire process, from initially identifying the problems, through providing advice, implementing the measures and checking on the results and finally providing after-care. We stay right on top of this process, if necessary in cooperation with independent advisers and consultants abroad.

Our services
Maurits Consultancy works both for foreign companies that send expats to the Netherlands and for Dutch companies that send expats abroad. But we also work for expats themselves. We identify the legal, financial and tax consequences of such postings for our client. We also arrange for applications for employment and residence permits, draft employment contracts and keep the payroll records. In addition, we assist expats personally in registering with the local authorities in their place of residence and with the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service. We can also help expats to open a bank account. And we are experts on the 30% tax facility for expats.

As we have an excellent knowledge of other service providers in this market, such as removal firms, banks, insurance companies, relocation agencies and estate agents, we can also help expats to make an informed and objective decision on which of them they should use.

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