Tax Advice

Everyone has to deal with taxes and with the constant changes in tax legislation. The best results can be achieved only by monitoring tax developments closely. This is where we can really be of assistance.



To your business
Good results ultimately contribute to the continuity of every business. But strangely enough this is not always the primary focus of the entrepreneur as he or she may be preoccupied with market developments and the day-to-day issues that occur in running a business. This is precisely why an attentive and expert consultant is important. At Maurits Consultancy we have only one thing on our minds. Yes, that’s right: your business’s tax affairs!

Among the matters we can advise on are the structuring of your activities, loss relief facilities, balance sheet optimisation, company cars, turnover tax (VAT), payroll tax, dividend policy, business succession and the transfer of your business, the 30% tax facility (for expats), salary splitting, asset structuring and due diligence investigations. We can also provide assistance and support during audits by the Tax Office and answer queries in correspondence.

To you as a private individual
Our services for private individuals include estate planning, handling the tax aspects of deceased persons’ estates, making tax-efficient periodic payment (‘stamrecht’) arrangements, advising on the tax aspects of owner-occupied homes, emigration and immigration, wealth structuring and wealth planning and making arrangements to minimise exposure to income tax. We are also specialised in setting up and advising organisations for the public good (ANBI).
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