Social Engagement

ZZF (the Rare Diseases Fund) aims to help people suffering from a rare disease. Its remit is to raise funds for research and draw attention to the existence of such diseases. ZZF has the legal form of a foundation (stichting) and is based at the offices in Eisenhowerlaan. Maurits Consultancy acts as ZZF’s partner and assists it in various ways.
What is a rare disease?
Within Europe a disease or disorder is classified as rare if fewer than 1 in 2,000 of the population suffer from it. It is estimated that there are some 6,000-8,000 rare diseases worldwide. Although these diseases are all very different, they have one thing in common: the group of patients is too small for research and the development of medicines to be commercially viable. Owing to the rarity factor, patients and their family are often left to cope on their own. ZZF helps these children and adults in their battle against rare diseases.
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Unknown, unloved
The problem with rare diseases is that doctors often do not recognise the symptoms. The search for answers drags on and on and the patient pays countless visits to hospital. In many cases it can take two years or longer to get a correct diagnosis. Given the paucity of scientific research, there is little knowledge available and unfortunately there are no good methods of diagnosing and treating many rare diseases.
ZZF helps people with a rare disease
ZZF publicises unknown, rare diseases and donates money for research. Fortunately, increasing numbers of dedicated doctors and researchers are trying to discover the causes of rare diseases and find treatments for them. ZZF raises funds in order to secure funding for such research. It also organises events for sufferers and for their care.
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